On Saturday, March 6, 2021, the upgrade of the 1KA tool took place, as part of which some significant improvements to the existing functionalities were made. Virtual domains and the 1ka.arnes.si domain were also updated.

The following updates on www.1ka.si are worth mentioning:

  • Ability to translate GDPR survey settings and data collection details into English. More >>
  • Display of table type question on mobile devices: if mobile adjustments are switched off, than all the questions are displayed in an unadapted way, in the same form as on the web  version of the survey (therefore this also includes table type question). More >>
  • One-click log-in confirmation question is available to all users. More >>
  • Virtual domains: redesigned interface for managers: overview of assigned users, the ability to remove and add users.


You can see all the news of the latest upgrade here >>

After each upgrade, we recommend refreshing with CTRL + F5 or deleting files and images from the cache with CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More >>

In case of any problems, you can let us know via FORM >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users