Mobile survey adjustments

An online survey created using the 1KA tool can also be answered by respondents via a mobile phone. Due to the smaller screen, certain adjustments are required to optimize the survey. For more advanced and new types of questions, or more advanced layouts of basic types of questions (such as image hotspot, slider, combined table, etc.), it may occur on mobile devices to have some offsets or opacity. In this case, we recommend using the basic types of questions and / basic layout questions.

Adjustment of 'Table' question type

Some question types are automatically adapted to the mobile mode if the respondent is accessing a survey via mobile.

The table-type question and all subtypes and table-type table layout are automatically displayed on the mobile devices in the form of a set of basic question types. For example, if we have a question - one answer with 5 different sub-questions, the question on mobile devices will appear in the form of a series of 5 consecutive category questions - one answer.

You can also display tables in the form of automatic spreading in the tab 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Mobile settings'

Example of a customized view of a table type question - auto-expand (mobile preview) >>

When editing a 'Table' question type in the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' tab, you have an option for 'Step by step mode' in the 'Advanced' tab on the right side of the answer. If you leave the answer at 'No', the question while answering via mobile phone will be automatically adjusted in the 'horizontal_3' mode, categories will be gradually displayed to the respondent. They will be indicated in the form of horizontal pagination at the bottom. In addition to 'horizontal_3' form, you have 5 additional types of step by step mode that you can see in the example below.

Example of a survey with different forms of step by step answering mode >>

Adjustments of images and questions with input fields on mobile phones

If your survey includes images, they will display by default when answering a survey via mobile devices, namely, they adapt to fill a maximum of 90 % of the screen width.

Questions with an input field ('Text' and 'Number' question types) will also be automatically adjusted to the mobile survey mode. Input field for entering a response in adjusted in proportion to the screen width.

Adjustment of 'Ranking' question type

If your survey includes 'Ranking' question type and ranking type is 'relocation', 'moving' or 'numbering', the question will be automatically adjusted into the 'numbering' ranking type, if the respondent is completing the survey via mobile phone.

Example of a survey with different types of ranking (mobile preview) >> (for comparison see also how ranking types appear in an online version of the survey)

Adjustment of questions with a horizontal layout

If your survey includes questions with categories, where the layout is set to 'horizontal below question' or 'horizontal beside question', the question will be automatically adjusted into the 'vertical' layout, if the respondent is completing the survey via mobile phone.

Example of a survey wit different layouts of categories(mobile preview) >> (for comparison see also how layouts of categories appear in an online version of the survey)

Adjusting the double table questions

For the type of questions 'Table one answer' - 'Double table' on the mobile phone answers appear as a series of category type questions - one answer. For the sake of transparency, there is a horizontal continuous line between the individual responses on the mobile phone and the dashed line between the individual tables.

Adjusting questions with inserted video

If you inserted video in the questionnaire, the width of the video will adjust automatically on the 100% of the width of the mobile device. Respondents will be able to see the full video, no matter the width of their device they’re using for filling out the questionnaire.

Hiding radio and checkbox buttons

With the type of questions such as 'Category – single answer' and 'Category – multiple answers' there is an extra option 'Hide radio button' or 'Hide checkbox button' in the 'Advanced' tab. Functionality is recommended for mobile devices, especially when you're using pictures for answers. In this case, you can hide these buttons (radio or checkbox buttons), respondents which will be filling out the questionnaire on their mobile device will be able to select pictures as an answer with the tap on it. It will be easier for them to choose the answer, as it would be selecting the 'checkbox' or 'radio' button, where you have to be more precise.

Example survey with hidden radio and checkbox buttons (mobile preview) >>

Adjusting the size of the radio and checkbox buttons

With question types 'Category - single answer' and 'Category - multiple answers' additional options of changing the size of radio and checkbox buttons are available. These options can be accessed in the tab 'Editing' - 'Design' where in the roulette there is an option 'Selection of checkbox and radio buttons'. Minimum size of buttons if 18 x 18 px and maximum size is 55 x 55 px. We especially recommend the use of this feature when designing surveys for mobile devices.

Example of a Survey with a default size of buttons

Example of a survey with a modified size of buttons (40 x 40px)

Preview for mobile phone and tablet

You can use the preview to see how the survey will appear on different types of devices (computers, mobile phones or tablets). In addition to basic preview for PC preview, you also have an option to preview survey for mobile phone and tablet. More >>

MOBILE SETTINGS (Possibility to switch off the adjustments for mobile devices)

All of the mentioned adjustments are automatically turned on; this way we can allow the optimal display of the questionnaire to those who use their mobile devices. In tab 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Mobile settings' you can change these adjustments, which we dissuade. When you turn off the mobile adjustments the icon of crossed out the mobile phone will appear in the menu line on the upper right corner (beside the icon for turning on comments in the questionnaire).

I case when 'Mobile-friendly' is turned on, you can separately turn off the display of images on mobile phones (if your questionnaire contains pictures that are not suited for mobile devices) and adjust tables on the mobile phones.

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