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On Sunday, December 8, 2019, a major upgrade of the 1KA tool took place, with many improvements made to existing functionalities and a number of important new functionalities developed in October and November. In particular, the following should be noted:

  • Upgraded table type question:
    • Automatic spreading of tables on mobile devices: A table type question and all subtypes and table type question sets are automatically displayed on mobile devices as a set of basic question types. For example, if we have a type of question “table- one answer” with 5 different sub-questions, the question will appear on mobile devices in the form of a set of 5 consecutive questions of category type - one answer. In doing so, we can turn on the possibility that these issues are automatically raised. When the respondent answers a sub-question, it closes (respondent’s answer is shown under the question) and opens a new one. More>>
    • Repeating the title bar (in the case of multiple items): If we have a table with a large number of items (e.g. 20) in the survey, we can set the title bar (the answer bar – e.g. I agree - disagree) to repeat every 5, 10, 15, or 20 items. More >>
  • Upgraded computation type question: Computation (calculated values) are now treated by 1KA in the same way as a number type question. This means that in the analyses, we can also look at a graphical representation of the computation type of question, look at averages, etc. More >>
  • Possibility of automatically opening block questions on PC and mobile devices: If we organize the questions into blocks, we have the additional possibility to set the questions inside the block so that they are automatically opened when the respondent answers the question. More >>
  • Additional warnings when deleting test data: Testing the questionnaire is a very important part of the survey process. With the help of test entries, we can collect test unit comments in addition to test data. It should be noted that with one click it is possible to delete test entries from the survey when they are no longer needed, but any comments on the questions are also deleted. Therefore, we recommend that you export and archive comments before deleting test entries. More >>
  • The logo change also applies to mobile devices. If you personalize the online survey with your logo, the setting you made for the survey on PC will also apply to display of the survey on mobile devices. More >>

You can see the news here>>.

After each upgrade, we recommend that you refresh with CTRL + F5 or delete files and images from the cache with CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More>>

If you have any problems, please let us know via FORM >>.