Research in Slovenia

Overview of research in Slovenia about methodology of web surveys is available on website

Slovenian research, bachelor theses, master’s degrees and doctoral dissertations are also interesting and topical. It especially worth highlighting research done on study of Social Informatics and by research group of Centre for Social Informatics.

Below you can find some bachelor, master’s and doctoral work from this area (in Slovenian language):


  • Jurij Lenar: Web panels in Slovenia, PDF>>
  • Primož Logar: Reasons and motivations to participate in internet panels, PDF >>
  • Sonja Žagar: Effects of different stimulus on data quality in online panels, PDF >>
  • Luka Mežnar: Socio-demographic characteristics and survey completion time in online panelsPDF >>


  • Miha Matjašič: Paradata in web surveys and approaches for detection of a response time of outliers, PDF >>
  • Urša Lutman: Influence of survey gamification on respondent engagement and their user experience, PDF >>
  • Nejc Berzelak: Mode effects in web surveys, PDF >>
  • Rok Platinovšek: Statistical modelling of Item Nonresponse and respondent breakoff, PDF >>
  • Vladimir Marjanović: Respondents mood and data quality in web surveys, PDF >>
  • Tine Ozimič: The influence of question characteristics on item nonresponse, PDF >>
  • Branko Milosavljević: Usability testing of 1KA survey tool, PDF >>
  • Aljoša Močnik Štimac: The dynamic conditions in the full-screen display of online questionnaire, PDF >>
  • Tjaša Turk: Methodological aspects of surveys in an example of promoting Maribor FC home matches, PDF >>
  • Jernej Makovec: Primacy effect in web surveys, PDF >>
  • Maja Kramžer: Tools for web surveys in Slovenia, PDF >>
  • Eva Taradi: Soft and hard reminders for checking answers in web surveys, PDF >>
  • Jaka Pšaker: The influence of question form on data quality in web surveys, PDF >>
  • Marko Simončič: Impact of reminder mechanism use in web surveys in the case of open question, PDF >>
  • Luka Rus: Conditional sentences in web survey tools, PDF >>
  • Maša Crnkovič: Effect of feedback on the quality of survey data, PDF >>
  • Peter Smrekar: Open source software tools, PDF >>
  • Barbara Poličnik: Ethical views of web surveys, PDF >>
  • Nino Zajc: The use of Web Surveys in Mixes Modes of Data Collection, PDF >>
  • Marcel Kraj: Noncoverage bias in landline telephone surveys, PDF >>
  • Katja Zrim: Challenges of optimizing web surveys to mobile devices, PDF >>
  • Nina Meglič: Invitation Sending Time as a Factor of Unit Response Rate in Online SurveysPDF >> 
  • Anže Mihevc: Data Quality in Online Surveys, PDF >>
  • Martina Knez: The Difference in the Quality of Survey Responses depending on the Device the Respondent completes an Online Survey withPDF >>
  • Andraž Svetek: The Problem of Unit Non-Response in Online SurveysPDF >>
  • Pia Pirc Žagar: Non-coverage bias in online surveysPDF >>
  • Barbara Lovše: Sincerity of Respondents for Sensitive Questions in Online SurveysPDF >>
  • Katja Bušić: The role of graphical elements when measuring satisfaction in online surveysPDF >>
  • Uroš Podkrižnik: Creation of a mobile application for creating online surveysPDF >>
  • Rok Panjan: Data quality of matrix questions in online surveys, PDF >>

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