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Seminar Descriptions


*Seminars will be held in parallel

A systematic overview of the main functionalities

The seminar is intended for users who already have certain experience with the 1KA tool (or with other web tools or are informationally experienced) and would like to gain a quick and comprehensive insight into the set of key functionalities 1KA. A systematic overview of all the most important aspects will be given: types of questions, conditions and loops, questionnaire form, preview and activation, survey publish and notification, data review, data export and import, calculations, archives (questionnaires, data, analyses and surveys) automatic test inputs, comment system, status bar, statistical analysis and a brief overview of advanced modules (mobile, entry, evaluation, presentation, social networks, quizzes). The seminar is not meant for complete beginners and informationally completely inexperienced users. For the latter, in case of more interest, we can organize special workshops, if you are interested, please fill out the form: https://www.1ka.si/a/137723

Advanced and new functionalities

The seminar is intended for participants who are already familiar with the main functions of 1KA and are interested in advanced options such as the use of a dictionary, advanced conditions, blocks, multilingual surveys, recoding and calculation of variables, statistical analyses of subgroups, dual and multi-dimensional contingency tables, and quality analysis of responses. All the major novelties in the development of the last year will also be examined: new types of questions (e.g. slider, heatmap) and advanced functionalities, such as analysis of respondents' location, integration of chat into an online survey, quizzes, etc.


Global trends of online surveys and ten years of development of 1KA

A transparent lecture is intended to trends in the fields of the methodology of online surveys in the respective software and technical specifics. A ten-year development of the 1KA online survey tool, including trends and challenges, will also be presented. PPT >> (Slovene)


* The first three seminars will be held in parallel

Evaluation of pedagogical work in elementary and secondary schools

A number of novelties of the last year will be presented. It is an example of a complex upgrade of the 1KA tool for the needs of schools. Different ways of individual and group recruitment of students (all subjects in one session, separate sessions) are available in the classroom or computer classroom. A flexible interface was specially developed to define an arbitrary number of (hierarchical) levels of users accessing the results (e.g. teacher, classroom, program administrator, principal, school centre, etc.). In addition to the possibility of exporting data, standardized PDF printouts are made for different levels of users.

Evaluation of pedagogical work in higher education

The seminar will present novelties in the last year. This is an example of the complex integration of the 1KA tool into the information systems of individual faculties as well as the UL environment. The process is implemented and real-time processed by seven surveys of more than 40,000 students of I and II. and more than 800 students III. Level of education. In doing so, the results - in the form of PDF reports - are automatically transferred to the relevant web page (thousands of) end-user profiles (lecturers, administration, management). PPT >> (Slovene)

Installation, integration, API and customizations

The seminar is intended for organizations interested in the possibilities of the internal use of the 1KA system. First of all, it is an own installation or own (virtual) domain, for interfaces and integration with existing information solutions, for creating additional custom solutions and for using an API protocol that allows general integration with the 1KA system. Some successful examples of this kind of integration and upgrades will also be shown.

Adjusting web surveys to mobile devices

As a preliminary point, the trend of increasing the use of mobile devices for online surveys will be given. We will also give an overview of the challenges we face when we want to personalize the online survey on mobile devices, as well as the results of user testing of customized and maladjusted versions of online questionnaires. Adjustments of online surveys on mobile devices, provided by the 1KA tool, and recent year's innovations that were implemented in the mobile application 1KA (theme adjustments, integration with Google Maps, etc.) will be presented.

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