The Faculty of Social Sciences, Centre for Social Science Informatics, hosted the traditional annual Consultation on Mixed Surveys on 1 December 2021. It was attended by colleagues from Centre, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the National Institute of Public Health and the academic sector, with the aim of sharing findings in the field of online and mixed surveys. The event was organized and chaired by prof. dr. Vasja Vehovar.

The panelists highlighted the latest trends in the use of online surveys during a pandemic as well as lessons learned from past methodological activities. Due to Covid-19, the consultation was held online via Zoom, where the following lectures were given:

  • Comparison of the use of a web-based panel and a probability sample for the assessment of pandemic exhaustion (Nejc Berzelak, Darja Lavtar, Maruša Rehberger, Metka Zaletel)
  • Challenges of interviewing hard-to-reach groups in online panels (Maruša Rehberger, Darja Lavtar, Katarina Muha)
  • Is it (always) advisable to decompose questions in tabular form on a PC and not only on a mobile phone? (Gregor Čehovin, Vasja Vehovar)
  • Experiences and challenges in the implementation of the ESS survey during a pandemic and the potential of the Cronos panel (May Doušak)
  • Analysis of the impact of the survey design in the survey on commuting mobility of the Slovenian population (Vasilij Centrih)
  • Experiences and challenges of data collection on persons and households in EU Member States during the COVID-19 crisis (Andreja Smukavec)

The programme and materials of the 2021 Consultation are available here.

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