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On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, a major upgrade of the 1KA tool took place, as part of which many significant improvements were made to existing functionalities and new functionalities were added. The following should be emphasized in particular:

  • Renewed cover and outer shell of 1KA tool
  • Transition of tool operation to subscription packages. More >>
  • Interface for purchasing a package (subscription), the possibility of reviewing over the subscription and payments. More >>
  • Arrangement of the basic level of accessibility for all surveys on www.1ka.si, 1ka.arnes.si and other 1KA virtual domains. More>>
  • Upgrading the granting of access to other editors (possibility to add a message). More>>
  • Rearrange advanced module questionnaire entry. More>>
  • Improvements to existing settings and functionality (e.g. question timer, question library, advanced split screen module / page evaluation, etc.)

You can see the news here>>.

After each upgrade, we recommend refreshing with CTRL + F5 or deleting files and images from the cache with CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More>>

In case of any problems, you can let us know via FORM>>.