Questionnaire Entry

Since a large number of completed surveys are collected in field work, the process of data entry can often be a lengthy process, which can be shortened by using the 1KA tool.

The surveys that were collected during offline field work are entered into a web survey that is customised for data entry. The web survey can be created in the standard form, or it can be customised to save time by activating the 'Administrative data input' option in the 'Advanced modules' tab, which can be accessed, by clicking on the wheel icon at the top of the screen. Advanced modules allow you to create a customised questionnaire, by which you simply enter the values of responses; it also allows additional options for identifying respondents.

You must first create the standard questionnaire in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab, i.e. insert all of the questions from your survey into the 1KA tool. By clicking on the wheel icon at the top of the screen, you access the 'Advanced modules' tab, where you select the 'Administrative data input' option. A new 'Input' sub-tab will appear, where you will find the description of the functionality and cookie settings:

  • Recognize user from CMS, with the following options: Yes, as respondent; Yes, as data input; No;
  • Mass (fast) survey input, which is recommended in case of large-scale and numerous questionnaires. The function forms the questionnaire in such a way that instead of clicking the questionnaire, the values of the responses are entered in each window, in combination with the 'TAB' functionality, which reduces the entry process for completed surveys.

If the questionnaires are to be entered by more than one individual, the use of the option 'Recognize user from CMS: data input' is recommended. This means that they must be registered on the 1KA website, and when questionnaires are entered, the application automatically detects who is entering an individual questionnaire, which allows you greater control over data input.

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