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My Surveys

By clicking on the 'My surveys' tab, your directory will open. Here are listed all the surveys you have created so far and the surveys to which you have been given access. At the top, you have the option of creating new surveys, forms or polls (by clicking on the Create survey button). Surveys can be filtered by:

  • Survey authors: show all surveys, show only my surveys.
  • Primary language: all, Slovenian, English.
  • GDPR: show all surveys, show only GDPR surveys.

You also have the option of organizing surveys into folders and sorting surveys by survey title, number of questions, date of the change, etc.

Within this tab you can also see some other sub-tabs, depending on user level:

A user who has the status of a subscriber can access only the 'Library' tab. In the 'Public library' tab are listed all available pre-set surveys, forms and voting. In the 'My library' tab, you can access surveys that you saved in the library.

A user with administrator status can access:

  • Activity, where you can check the activity of your survey for a desired time, for example, the number of valid answers, number of survey pages, number of analyses, graphs and edits.
  • Users, where the user with administrator rights can add new users to the survey, on which he wants to have manager rights.
  • Settings, where you can modify system settings, data preparation, nice URL's, users settings and more.