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On Sunday, December 6, 2020, the upgrade of the 1KA tool took place, as part of which some significant improvements to the existing functionalities were made. Virtual domains and the 1ka.arnes.si domain were also updated.

The following updates on www.1ka.si are worth mentioning:

  • Updated price lists for private and business packages.
  • Updated interface for card payments (runs via the Stripe platform), two-factor authentication of card payments.
  • Upgraded interface for sending e-mail invitations.
  • AAI login changed.

AAI login changed

www.1ka.si no longer supports the classic ARNES AAI application (application with a digital identity), but is now only possible on 1ka.arnes.si. Students, researchers, teachers and others with AAI access can sign up for free use of all functionalities of the 1KA tool on 1ka.arnes.si with their existing AAI account or digital identity.

Log in to 1ka.arnes.si with your "ArnesAAI username", which you already use or have in the organization where you are employed or studying. It usually takes the form user@domainorganization.si.

At the beginning of their studies, students of the University of Ljubljana have received an automatically assigned AAI account (digital identity at UL). To register, use your username (e.g. up1234@student.uni-lj.si) and the password of your digital identity on UL.

For AAI users who want to access existing surveys on www.1ka.si, it is important to log in as a regular user with the same email address you use for AAI. We recommend that you export and download the surveys to 1ka.arnes.si, where you can use all 1KA functionalities without restrictions. More >>


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After each upgrade, we recommend refreshing with CTRL + F5 or deleting files and images from the cache with CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE. More >>

In case of any problems, you can let us know via FORM >>.