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Features of SMTP GMAIL email server

1KA allows you to send email invitations via external SMTP mail systems with the ability to track responses from respondents. You can enter SMTP settings for your GMAIL account to send invitations via 1KA, but it should be noted that GMAIL is constantly changing its privacy settings and rules. To send invitations to 1KA via SMTP settings for Gmail, you may need to turn on "Enable less secure applications" (Account - Security - Access for less secure applications) in the privacy settings. It is not possible to activate this feature if you have dual-level authentication enabled for your Gmail account. After setting up your SMTP settings, you are very likely to receive an email in your email box with the above notification (Subject: Security Alert) and click 'Check Activity'.

Before you send out invitations, check the current restrictions on Google when sending email invitations.

For more information, see Troubles sending email invitations using the Gmail mail server.

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