Sending emails via an arbitrary server (e.g. gmail)

We talk about individualized sending of emails where recipients get invitation with individualized URLs that enable individualization of invitations (e.g. name and surname) and tracking about who already answered to a survey. That enables selective sending of emails (e.g. third remainder is sent only to non-responders). Generally, we do not advise this kind of approach if it is not necessary. We recommend sending of two emails (two-email setting) where individualization is not necessary.

To send individualized emails user has to be at least a manager status (it automatically belongs to a virtual domain) or expressive approval from 1KA support.

When sending email invitations through the 1KA system, you can choose three different modes of sending by clicking on 'Mail settings', which are located in the row next to the 'Send' button, in the 'PUBLISH' – Email' tab. In the first two modes SMTP system or user's email is used. Combination of system 1KA (it enables tracking) and user's email account is utilized in this case. The latter can be applied to general service of email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Arnes, Siol etc.) or to email server of a user (or company).

SMTP settings for Gmail as an example of account use at email services provider

We cite Gmail just as an example (but also because it is the most common). Other providers (Yahoo, Microsoft, Arnes, Siol ...) would be arranged the same way.

Attention: To send invitations to 1KA via SMTP settings for Gmail, you need to turn on "Enable less secure applications" (Account - Security - Access for less secure applications) in the privacy settings. It is not possible to activate this feature if you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Gmail account.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Enter your email address in the first two fields ('From' and 'Reply to').
  • Enter your email address in the 'Username' field and enter the password you use to sign in to your Google Account in the next box.
  • After entering all the necessary information, click on 'Check Settings' and 'Save'.
  • Due to Google's security settings, 1KA may initially report an error. Close the window that appears to you. Because this is a non-Google application, Google will notify you that someone has used your password to try to sign in to your account.
  • In your email inbox, look for the email with the notification (Subject: Security Alert) and click 'Check Activity'. Click on the 'Yes, it was me' button.
  • Then in 1KA again click on 'Check Settings'. If everything is set up successfully, in this case, a test message will be sent to the address you use to sign up for 1KA.
  • You click the 'Save' button and continue sending invitations.

Before you send invitations, check the current restrictions on Google when sending email invitations.

SMTP Setting for own mail server:

Procedure is the same as for Gmail in everything except that here specific technical characteristics of a server must be entered. Here you need to enter your own SMTP settings, namely:

  • The first four fields, 'From', 'Reply to', 'Username' and 'Password', should be filled out similarly as with Gmail; the only difference is that you do not need to specifically create a password.
  • In the 'Authentication' section always choose 'Yes', unless the server does not require a password.
  • You should set up the 'Encryption', 'Port' and 'Host' options in accordance with technical guidelines of your email provider. In case you don’t know these settings, ask your system administrator, since they depend on each mail server.
  • When all options are set, select 'Test setting', so that the system will send a test message to your account. If the test message was delivered, then save all settings.
  • After successful testing, resume e-invitations editing in the 'PUBLISH' - 'Email' tab.

In order to successfully deliver email invitations, the SMTP server must be configured in accordance with the corresponding guidelines in this area (e.g. authentication, server name, DNS, etc.), which are in the domain of system administrators. In case of problems with the settings, you are advised to first check their accuracy with your technical support. In case of further problems, please contact our helpdesk. More complex cases may require the involvement of the technical department. An example might be one of the Slovenian operators, in case their server, through a reverse DNS, did not properly recognize the server and a specific solution has to be developed (in collaboration with system administrators).

The speed of sending email invitations depends on the server, and in some cases sending 1000 invitations may take even one hour.

1KA email system servers on www.1ka.en

We enable this option only a few or users, who specify a concrete reason for sending email invitation through our server. So, this option allows you to send the invitations via 1KA's server, by which the sender is 1KA ( In the field 'Reply to' you will find the email address you used to log into the application, which you can also change. This method is not advisable, since it is sent from a general mail and results in a weaker response rate. In rare cases the message is redirected to the spam folder. Sending invitations via 1KA email server runs very fast, for some 1000 invitations it only takes about a minute.

1KA email server in the case of own installation

In the case of own installation (on 1KA server or on user's server) it is possible to use email system of own 1KA installation that has the same characteristics as system server 1KAQ on 1KA home server on domain except that we have own email address. We take responsibility for spam. In both cases of own installation, we can also link settings of 1KA email system and chosen SMTP server as described above.