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Troubles sending email invitation using Gmail email server

For sending email invitations through external SMTP system in 1KA we strongly suggest not using Gmail server, because its's sending can't be controlled.

A couple of years ago it was possible to send 500 emails at once. Even then sometimes substantially less emails were sent. In 2015 limit of maximum emails sent at once was set to 100 by Google. Our tests showed that Gmail now sometimes sends emails to 92 email addresses, sometimes to 98 and so on. Team 1KA no longer uses Gmail server for sending email invitations. More about limitations of Gmail system.

These kind of problems only occur when Gmail is used. A lot of users have their own SMTP system in their organisation and it works without problems. Team 1KA has already tried sending more than 5000 emails at once and no problems were found, but 1KA used its own SMTP server.

Organisations are therefore recommended to use its own mail server or use a payable SMTP solution. One good idea is also to use a dedicated mass email service that is used in direct marketing. More on information on this topic can be found on WebSM Book (page 119).

Course of sending messages through Gmail SMTP mail server

1KA system for sending email invitations sends your emails to Gmail and also writes this, but Gmail doesn’t process this and doesn’t send any feedback information to our system or keeps changing the way in which we get information. Because of this our list of sent emails doesn’t match Gmail’s list.

Use of payable Gmail service is recommended

Gmail is a free application and therefore its notifications and rules of use are changed unexpectedly and unclearly. Unfortunately Gmail keeps shrinking, limiting and complicating its free service to make users switch to payable services (payable mass email service by Gmail is already in existence). More on Gmail system >>