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Successfully implemented 1KA upgrade (version 19.03.15)

With the latest upgrade, which took place on Saturday, March 16, 2019, we improved many existing functionalities and implemented new functionalities, developed from January to March 2019. Among the latter, the following should be emphasized:

  • Randomization of questions, answers and blocks: in addition to the existing options for random sorting of answers and questions in the survey, now in the case of more blocks, it is possible to randomly sort blocks. For all three types of sorting, the registration of para data is also arranged, which means that the survey editor can see in which order the blocks, questions or answers were shown to the respondent.
  • The option of limiting the number of checkboxes to choose: You can now set a minimum and maximum number of possible responses for a category "multiple-answer" type question.
  • Upgrade of the response “Other” that allows the respondent to enter his answer: in the case of a compulsory question, the respondent MUST enter his answer when choosing option “Other”.
  • Added new language for respondents – Hebrew, which is also arranged from right to left.
  • The ability of locking the question for the respondent: in addition to disabling the editing of the question for the survey editor, we can now lock the question for the respondent. The respondent can see the question and answer (for example, if it is completed), but cannot change it.

New features and more detailed descriptions can be found here>>.

After each upgrade, we recommend refreshing with the CTRL + F5 command or deleting files and images from the cache with the CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE command. More>>

In the event of any problems, please let us know through this FORM>>.