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Upgrade of the 1KA tool (version 18.02.28) – Separation from Sisplet CMS

The biggest technical change of this upgrade, which has no consequences for users, is the complete separation of 1KA from the Sysplet CMS (Content Management System). By that, 1KA tool became a completely independent application. Subsequently, 1KA can be integrated into other CMS. On the www.1ka.si website, for example, an integration with the Drupal system (More >>) is performed, which contains all external content (front page, manuals, frequently asked questions, etc.).   
In addition 1KA, version 18.02.28 includes improvements and new functionalities, where it is especially important to highlight:
  • Renewed search through the application, which works separately by content (always in the upper right corner of the web page) and by questionnaires (within the application in the 'My Surveys' tab)
  • A new advanced modul »Panel« was created to connect a survey with online panels, where 1KA users can recruit respondents (e.g. Valicon, GfK). More >>
  • Ability to limit the number of characters is added at open questions.
You can see the new functionalities here >>.
After every update we recommend you to refresh page (CTRL + F5) or delete data from cache (CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE). More >>
In case of any problems, you can contact us via FORM >>.