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The 1KA tool allows you to generate analysis based on a single independent variable, by clicking on the 'Break' option from the 'Select' dropdown menu in the 'ANALYSE' – 'Statistics' tab. The Break option is only available to 2KA and 3KA private package users.

From the newly-displayed dropdown menu, select the independent variable (e.g. gender), and the analysis of all the questions in the survey will be generated in the form of two-dimensional tables. The results of each individual question are displayed based on the selected variable (e.g. each table includes the answers of individual questions broken down to those that were chosen by men and those that were chosen by women).

By default, the results are displayed in the form of frequencies; if you would like the results to be displayed in percentages, then select the 'Percent' option. You can also select to view your results in the form of tables or charts (to the right of the dropdown menu).

Each individual table can be exported in PDF, MS Word or MS Excel formats, direct printing is also possible. A graph can also be displayed. Each individual table or graph can be included in a custom report (click on the star icon - 'Include in report', under the table or chart).

They can also be analyzed with advanced analysis options and can be filtered according to segments, zoom, groups, variables, conditions, missing values, time period and unit status.

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