Why Don’t I Receive a Confirmation E-mail After Registration?

In case that after completion of registration you do not get a confirmation email to activate your account, check if you entered the e-mail correctly.

Most common mistakes:

  • mistyping your email address, for example, 'oneclicksurvey@gmali.com';
  • wrong email address, for example, you have entered your second email address, so check all your email accounts;
  • unnecessary space, for example, 'oneclicksurvey @gmail.com';
  • the wrong extension, for example, instead of the correct 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.com' you entered 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.si' or 'oneclicksurvey@gmail.net'.

If you entered the email address correctly but still have not received the activation email, please check spam.

If you have registered with an organization email, e.g. business email then check your organization's server settings as well.

If you still do not receive the activation/confirmation email, fill out the form >>.

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