Is It Possible With 1KA Tool to Gain Respondents From Panels?

Yes, in principle, with all the major providers of web panels in Slovenia, an agreement was reached on the use of respondents from panels in the survey created using the 1KA tool.

In order to obtain panellists from Slovenian panels, a specific code is needed, and additional costs can be incurred on the side of panels or tools 1KA.

Agreement with the panel provider

  • What variables or data can they provide you, and what information should be returned to their system after the survey is completed? In principle, only the code or ID of the respondent is sufficient;
  • Where and how your block of questions will be shown to the respondent, which blocks of questions are before or behind your questions, or whether it is a stand-alone survey;
  • About the costs of using the list of respondents from the panel.

Use 1KA for panel integration

After switching on the Module 'Panel' in the 1KA tool, by which you can recruit respondents through the commercial panel, the default settings are activated to connect data from the data panel to 1KA. For most cases, the default settings are sufficient and we recommend that you do not change them. For more on the Panel Module settings, see this manual >>.

For more basic information and acquisition of necessary code you can contact us through this form >>.

1KA is free to use for basic users