Why Is It Necessary to Enable Javascript?

The 1KA application is distinctly Web 2.0.-oriented and incorporates the dynamic computer programming language JavaScript, which is used extensively to create the content of all dynamic web pages. JavaScript is widely used in all newer versions of web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera), where it is enabled by default.

Nowadays, the use of JavaScript is virtually indispensable, because it enables the correct use of popular services such as Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, etc. With the help of JavaScript you can, for example, open a new window, perform calculations, check the correctness of the entered data, etc. These types of operations would not be possible without the use of JavaScript. Thus, certain functions are not possible in survey completion without JavaScript, such as warnings for incomplete answers, verification of entered codes, the accuracy of conditions, the classification of responses within the questionnaire, etc.

Since survey creation relies on advanced Web 2.0 elements, editing a questionnaire without JavaScript is virtually impossible; this principle applies to other similar tools (e.g. Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, etc.).

You are therefore advised not to disable JavaScript. Its use can be enabled in most browsers in the following ways:

  • Mozilla Firefox 25: enter "about: config" in the address bar, press Enter and set 'javascript.enabled' to 'true'.
  • Internet Explorer 10: in the 'Tools' tab choose 'Internet Options' and then 'Security'. Click on the 'Custom level' tab, and select 'Enable' of 'Active Scripting'.
  • Google Chrome 30: enter 'chrome://settings/content/javascript' in the address bar, press Enter and choose 'Sites can use Javascript' under 'Default behavior'.

Problems with functions that rely on JavaScrpit are also caused by an outdated web browser (e.g. IE8 and older versions). If your browser is outdated, the 1KA system will notify you of this through a ribbon at the top of the page (based on the function get_browser, which notes the browser, operating system, device...). The problem can thus be resolved by updating or changing your browser.

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