Why Are E-invitations Redirected to Spam?

In order to avoid your e-invitations ending up in the spam folder, it is advisable to follow some basic tips when it comes to the content of the invitation in the 'PUBLISH' - 'Invitations' - 'Email message' (in addition to the conditions for the use of the email system):

  • The content of the field "Subject matter" should give the impression that the message is legitimate and relevant to the final recipient. Unsuitable content in this field can be the quickest way to ensure that your message lands in the spam filter. Avoid writing complete words in capital letters and the use of exclamation points. Also, do not use words or phrases that give the impression of spam, for example: free, limited offer, bonus reward, etc.
  • The above-mentioned recommendations also apply to the main "Message". It is also important that the invitation contains a polite invitation to participate in the survey. The text should not be too short, also try to avoid interrogative sentences. When it comes to the link to your survey, insert the #URL# variable into the text, so that the system automatically displays the full URL of the survey. This is particularly important in tracking respondents, since this way the code of the respondent appears in the URL address.
  • If simply write “The link can be found HERE>>” with a hyperlink, it is more likely that the system will redirect the message to the spam folder, so it is recommended that you copy the entire URL or use the variable #URL#.
  • Since you can also use the advanced text editor, you need to be careful when adding images to make sure you maintain a balanced relationship between text and graphic elements. If the message contains mostly images and almost no text, it is more likely to end up in the spam folder. In order to avoid spam filters, it is generally advisable to substitute the word ‘survey’ with the word ‘study’.
  • You must enter a valid e-mail address into the “Reply-to” box. You can change the email address in the 'PUBLISH' - 'invitations' - 'Settings'.

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