Who Develops 1KA and Why?

The 1KA application is being developed by researchers at the Centre for Social Informatics (CDI), which was one of the first to research online surveys (in 1996) and is one of the leading groups for survey methodology. In this context, the EU's Framework Programme project WebSM.org was coordinated, which upgraded the leading global focus point for online surveys between 2002 and 2004, and which CDI has been maintaining since 1998.

The 1KA is primarily intended as a tool in the research process by enabling the implementation of methodological experiments, such as for example the ARRS project on the integration of online surveys in probability samples.

The development of the 1KA is also embedded in the educational activities of the Department of Social Informatics and Methodology, Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It provides the central academic education in the field of survey data collection and social science methodology. Consequently, the tool is integrated into the educational and pedagogical process of the Faculty.

We also organize an annual event Web Survey Day, which features participants from the public sector (including education and research institutions), as well as from businesses, media companies and PR agencies.

The tool is – in the absence of major technical overload of the server – available free of charge (in accordance with the terms of use) to other external users.

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1KA is free to use for basic users