My Survey Disappeared

So far, we have not encountered a case where a survey simply disappeared. Based on previous experience, we can say that one of the following scenarios occurred:

  • You created the survey as a test user. In this case, it is possible that the survey was deleted since anyone can log in as a test user and edit a survey created by another test user.
  • It is possible you (accidentally) deleted the survey or it was deleted by another survey administrator working on the survey. In this instance, the survey can be restored if it was deleted in the last 14 days. However, if the time period exceeds 14 days, the survey needs to be manually restored by our programmers at an additional cost. You can learn more about costs in the 'Additional costs' section.
  • Sometimes cookies can restrict access (e.g. in case of application updates). First, try to reload the page (CTRL + F5) and, if the problem persists, delete the cookies (CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE) and try again.
  • The survey was created on a different website - a virtual domain or your own 1KA installation (e.g. or with different software (e.g. Survey Monkey). If you made a survey in one of the 1KA virtual domains or installations and want to download it to, follow the instructions for downloading the survey.
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