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I signed up via FB and now I don't have my surveys

For users who are registered in the 1KA through the social network Facebook, a minor annoyance during profile identification can appear.

When you register with your FB account on the 1KA website, the 1KA system generates your username based on your FB name, namely name.surname@facebook.com, but this is not necessarily your Facebook email - FB doesn't forward your email for security reasons. Your FB email was generated when you registered on the FB website and remains the same no matter how much you change your name.

If in the meantime you change your name or surname on FB, 1KA will re-generate your email that will be different from your previous email and thus also create a new account for 1KA; previous surveys will be linked to previous username and consequently, you will not see them. In such a case, please contact the 1KA helpdesk via the web form >> and we will assigned you to your old surveys as the editor with your new email.

Even bigger problem is that it is not possible to receive 1KA messages (confirmations, notifications) on such email. We recommend that you use Gmail account or get through whole procedure of registration, where you write your chosen email address to register to 1KA.

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