Not considering the general principles of web performance

Before publishing online, a wide range of established standards must be considered that prevent mistakes and shortcomings. Here are some of the most critical components: 

  • rudeness and inappropriate or unadapted language for target groups (respondents);
  • inappropriate (in short surveys it may even be superfluous if it is on a separate page) introduction or conclusion;
  • grammar mistakes;
  • technical deficiencies, especially server instability and inactivity of certain functions, e.g. JavaScript;
  • weak flow;
  • insufficient structuring of content into rounded blocks;
  • design inappropriateness or absence of professional design;
  • unsuitable use of multimedia;
  • inappropriate promotion and publishing of the survey;
  • unsuitable electronic survey invitations;
  • violation of the principle of data privacy and secrecy;
  • improper inclusion of social networks;
  • violation of the basic rules of web etiquette (eg capitalization);
  • ignoring the fact that graphics often have an unpredictable effect, so - if graphics (such as an image) do not have a very clear role - their role should be minimized.

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