On September 25, 2019, 9.00-12.30, the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted the Web Survey Day (WSD) for the eighth time at the University of Ljubljana. The event is organized by the Centre for Social Information Informatics (CDI) and is intended for a wider professional audience of online survey users and users of the online survey tool 1KA.

The program began with a brief overview of trends in online surveys and 1KA development. Today most surveys are carried out via mobile phones, so the design of surveys should also follow the "mobile-first" rule, notes prof. Vasja Vehovar. This also solves the vast majority of mobile question display issues, he adds. He emphasized the problem of non-participation of the respondents, which is still growing. He says more innovative but also more expensive methods are needed, which are also effective for longer surveys. In the first year of its introduction, the GDPR had no significant effect on the survey process itself, he notes. However, 1KA has one of the most advanced support for GDPR surveys (more).

Next, we hosted the largest expert on web surveys, Dr Mick Couper (University of Michigan, USA), who presented the challenges of mobile surveys and answered questions. He outlined some of the myths that apply to online mobile surveys. He pointed out the problem of coverage, as smartphones do not solve this problem, the digital divide is still present. He also notes that both response rate and interruption rate are lower on smartphones than on computers. Research show that smartphones also extend survey completion times. Nevertheless, he emphasizes, the proper preparation and design of a questionnaire can reduce many of the problems of mobile web surveys.

The second part was followed by parallel seminars for different segments of 1KA users. Dr Gregor Čehovin systematically presented the main functionalities of the tool at a workshop aimed at 1KA beginner users. Participants already familiar with the basic functionalities of 1KA were presented with more advanced functionalities and major innovations in the last year of development of the 1KA tool by Miha Matjašič and Katja Zrim. We have also organized a seminar for organizations interested in the possibilities of Internet use of the 1KA system. Peter Hrvatin presented various options for integrating 1KA and developing additional custom solutions (eg custom reports, special modules).

WSD 2019 individual course materials (most of them are in Slovenian language) are available for registered users >>

Below you can see some photos from the event.

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