Število izpolnjenih vprašalnikov, uporabnikov in novih anket na 1KA z leti strmo narašča

The number of completed questionnaires on 1KA has increased over the years. It increased by almost six times from 2012 to 2019 (from 376,649 to 2,123,165). In 2019 we recorded over two million completed questionnaires on the domain www.1ka.si, in 2020 we expect the number of responses will exceed 3 million. By mid-April, we recorded more than 1.2 million completed questionnaires, which is almost 400,000 more than in the same period last year.

Also, the total number of users on www.1ka.si has been increasing steadily over the years. Compared to 2012, there are fourteen times more users this year, a total of 74,571, and by the end of the year, the number of users is estimated at 90,000.

On 1KA the number of new surveys has also increased over the years. About 45,000 were created last year (in 2019), which is about 8,000 more than the previous year. For 2020, we estimate that the increase will be almost twice as high as between 2018 and 2019. We have recorded more than 22,000 new surveys in the first four months. For comparison, in the first four months of last year, we recorded over 18,000 new surveys. For this year, it is estimated that 60,000 new surveys will be created (15,000 more than last year).


* Data for April 2020 to 16 April 2020.

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