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1KA in 2018

In 2018, the number of new 1KA users at the base installation, which is on the cloud (www.1ka.si), increased by 12,000 (total 54.335), and the number of new polls increased by 38,000 (total 163.515).

The total number of completed questionnaires amounted of 1,7 million in 2018 (without test, empty, automatically generated, imported, unanswered questionnaires, etc.), which means that in comparison with 2017, this is 20% annual growth; at the beginning of 2019, 15% growth is indicated.

Of course, 1KA survey are carried out in many other installations, where after the rough assessment, almost the same number of surveys are completed. The most extensive is probably the installation of the University of Ljubljana, where almost one million student evaluations of the surveys are performed annually on the Arnes cloud.