Uploading a File

You can also insert the type of question 'File upload' in your survey in the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' tab, where the respondent can upload his file to the survey. First, in the left column from the set of all question types under 'Standard input' select 'File upload'. Enter the text of the question, and adjust the settings as desired.
Additional restrictions for respondents when uploading a file:

  • the maximum size of an individual file uploaded by the respondent is 16 MB;
  • allowed file types are: "jpeg", "jpg", "png", "gif", "pdf", "doc", "docx", "xls", "xlsx";
  • a maximum of 4 input fields is allowed in an individual question, i.e. a maximum of 4 files that the respondent can upload for one question.

The respondent can remove the file he uploaded and upload another or leave it blank. In analysis and data, the file is saved as a link (URL) to the file. The survey editor has the option to edit the link (delete or replace it).

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