Organization of Virtual Domains

Manager status

The main responsible person of the virtual domain automatically receives the status of a manager who receives login information (eg temporary password) from the 1KA administration immediately after setting up the virtual domain, to the e-mail specified in the request.

The organization has one manager by default. The organization can also opt for a generic name (e.g. or, which greatly simplifies adjustments in the event of a change of responsible person.

In principle, there can be more managers, but it must be specially ordered and technically arranged with the 1KA administration. Additional managers are charged according to the valid price list. The manager is also responsible for ensuring that all surveys are conducted with restrictions, in accordance with ethical standards and in accordance with the contract and legislation. In the case of a larger number of managers, everyone must take on this responsibility, and at the same time, in such a case, we recommend that one manager is in charge and have access to other managers.

Managers can add new users to the virtual domain. Each ordinary virtual domain user is therefore assigned to a specific manager. Additional users cannot register to your virtual domain on their own.

If there are multiple managers, they may or may not be mutually assigned to each other. If a manager is not assigned to anyone, it means that no one else has insight into the surveys of such a manager. Any change of access can only be done by the 1KA administration on the basis of an official request from the organization, which must also be consistent with the applicable privacy protection legislation in the relevant organization. 1KA administration otherwise accesses surveys for the needs of user assistance only with the explicit permission of the author of a particular survey.

The manager has access to all user (or manager) surveys belonging to a particular manager. It should be emphasized, however, that this access cannot be abused, because every survey author or user sees all the accesses, insights and changes that anyone (author, co-authors, managers, administrators) makes on his survey.

Access to an individual survey

The manager has access to the entire profile of its users and thus also to all user surveys. The manager's administrative access to users should not be confused with user access to edit a particular survey. Each user (not just the manager) can independently add as a co-editor of the survey to any user of the virtual domain. In this case, the user gets access only to the survey for which another user has granted access.


Control over access to surveys

In the tab 'Archive' - 'Changes', the user and the manager can see all the traces of access to the survey, both insights and all possible changes to the survey (who, when, what). Traces also include possible accesses and interventions performed by the 1KA administration or the 1KA Help Desk.

Adding new user

In the tab 'Users' - 'Overview', there is a window for adding users, over which you will have an overview. Here the manager enters the user's e-mail, his name, surname and password. Both the manager and the user are informed by e-mail that a corresponding account has been created on the virtual domain:

Users overview

You can see the users that the manager has an overview of in the 'Users' - 'Overview' tab.

All user surveys that belong to a particular manager, the manager also sees in the survey overview in the 'My surveys' tab. By clicking on the 'Filtering' button, you can choose to view all surveys or display only your own surveys (including surveys of other users over which you have an overview).

By clicking on the edit (pencil) next to the user, the manager can see the entire list of surveys of a particular user and his profile.

In this view, the manager also has the option to edit the user (e.g. change the password).

In the list of user surveys, the manager can change the user's rights for an individual survey by clicking on the survey.

Adding an existing user to the overview

If the user is already registered on a virtual domain, you cannot assign it to the overview as a manager. In this case, please contact us via e-mail: and we will manually assign the desired user to you for an overview.

Removing a user from the overview

The manager can remove the user in the 'EDIT' - 'Users' - 'Overview' tab, where clicking on the pencil next to the user opens a pop-up window where you can remove the user:

After removing a user from the overview of a specific manager, the user will be removed from the corresponding virtual domain, and his surveys will still be visible to the manager under the 'My surveys' tab.

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