Limitations of Displaying Answers in Analyses

In exports in the tab 'ANALYSE' - 'Statistics' only 30 answers are shown by default when big numbers of answers are present. That is noticeable with variables with open (text) answers. By clicking on the link '(more...)' number of displayed answers can be enlarged by one level.

Levels of displayed answers:

  • 10;
  • 30;
  • 100;
  • 300;
  • 600;
  • 900;
  • all.

The default option of 30 can be changed freely by clicking on 'Settings', then selecting the desired value in the drop-down menu 'Default number of answers:' in the 'Basic analysis view' section and clicking on the 'Run' button. Settings can also be changed in the drop-down menu 'Number of open answers:', to the left of the Settings button. 

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