Including a video or flash player in your survey

1. Inserting a video

You can insert a video into your survey in two ways by using the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab:

A. Embedding a video

  • When editing a question, click on the 'Advanced Editing' button.
  • Then click on the HTML tag to edit the HTML code.
  • A new HTML code window will appear, where you can insert the embed code for the video (e.g. YouTube) and save changes.
  • Thus the video will be included in the chosen survey question and respondents will be able to view it when answering.
  • It is very important for the embedded video to be located on the secure HTTPS protocol. If you embed a video using the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS, the video will not be available on older versions of web browsers, as older versions by default do not allow the viewing of unprotected content on websites using the HTTPS standard.

B. Uploading a video file

  • A video can be uploaded to the 1KA server as a video file.
  • When editing a question, click on the 'Advanced Editing' button.
  • Select the desired text and click on the 'Add Link' icon. Select 'Browse' in the new window and select the video file you wish to upload.
  • Respondents may then download the video to their computer and view it using their local video player.
2. Inserting flash

The procedure for inserting flash videos in a survey question is identical to the procedure used when embedding a video (A), with the following differences:

  • The flash video file is located on your server.
  • The embed code is different to the code used in part A, as we are not using YouTube as source.
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