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Why is the question numbering not in consecutive order?

When you enter questions into a survey, the questions are automatically labelled or numbered (Q1, Q2…). These are merely labels for variables that you can freely change (e.g. email ...). The content of these labels does not affect the data collection or anything else in relation to the data because the numbering of variables has an administrative function.

Typically the numbering is automatically generated by type but, if you change the order of the questions or delete a question, the numbers will no longer be sequential.

The questions can be renumbered for the entire questionnaire by clicking on the # icon on the left-hand side of the screen in the 'EDIT' – 'Advanced Editing Settings' tab, from which you choose the 'Enumerate' option. If you change the names of variables, the latter will remain unchanged.

Turn off automatic enumeration:

In the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Basic settings' tab under the 'Question numbering' section, you can see the option to opt-out of automatic numbering (by default, this option is on). Thus, in the case of altering the sequence of questions or deleting a question, questions will not be automatically renumbered; the user should manually click on the 'Enumerate' function.

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