Why Are the Repondent’s Answers Lost in Case of ‘Step by Step Mode’ With Question Type ‘Table’ if Respondent Moves to the Previous Page?

In the case of enabled option “step by step mode” at the question type - “Table – single answer”, the subquestions in the respondent's table are gradually displayed.

In the case of a multi-page survey, the respondent may move to the previous page while filling in the table. In this case, the responses they provided for the individual subquestions in the table will not be saved.

For example, if the respondent replied to the three out of five subquestions in the table and then clicked 'Previous page', the subquestion data that he answered will not be saved, since all subquestions together form one question. As with all other questions, it is necessary to click on the 'Next page' button if we want the responses to be saved.

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