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Why are some of my data missing?

So far, we have not encountered a case where a survey simply disappeared. Based on previous experience, we can say that one of the following scenarios occurred:

  • Data filtering is turned on. The problem can be solved by removing all filters. In the 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab, you can filter the data based on variables, statuses, conditions or time periods (upper right side of the page above the data table).
  • Data were saved in the database (with all the respondents' answers), but the data file (which is generated from the database as a basis for analysis and export) was not generated properly. In some cases, especially when a survey has been inactive for a specific period of time, the data file must be generated manually (this is usually done automatically). This can be done in the 'DATA' - 'Browse' tab in the upper far right corner of the page by clicking on the two arrows icon – 'Generate the data file again' – next to the 'Filters' icon.

In certain cases, when a respondent stated they completed the survey, but the survey editors cannot see their contribution, one of the following scenarios occurred:

  • the respondent completed another survey;
  • one of the editors of the survey mistakenly deleted the record by mistake;
  • the editors overlooked the record.
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