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How do I set that respondents skip certain questions that are inappropriate for them (conditions)?

Question jumps/conditions can be set in questionnaire editor 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' by doing next set of steps:

  • Firstly click on the blue icon IF that is located in the left column under 'Structure', below the different question types;
  • This icon must then be dragged in front of the first question that will not be submitted to everyone or after the question on which you want to make the selection;
  • Next choose the variable in the roulette that will determine selection and then select value for which you want following questions to be shown;
  • To finish you must move the 'ENDIF' below the last question that you still want to be answered by the respondents who satisfy the condition.

For example, if you want for everyone that answered the first question (Q1´) with NO to skip to the end of the survey:

  • Place the beginning of the condition (IF) bellow the first question;
  • Plcae the end of the condition (ENDIF) below the last question/ before the end of the survey;
  • The value of condition must in this case be set to YES. Basis for basic selection is in this case question Q1.

For a question/set of questions you can add multiple conditions that can be combined and nested.

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