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Can I change my existing email address to login to 1KA?

The email address you registered with the 1KA tool cannot be exchanged. If you want to access your surveys with another email address, this can be done in two ways:

  • Add access to the survey as an editor to another email address: In the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Editor access' tab, you can assign access to edit the survey to another email address. You can then access the survey via one or another email address. More >>
  • Adding an alternative email address for login: In the tab ('My surveys' – 'Settings' – 'My profile') you can add one or more alternative email to the existing email address with which you are registered to 1KA. To add an alternative email address, click on the plus-like icon (next to the email field) and enter the email address in the appropriate box. By clicking 'Add', you will receive a notification via an alternative email address. Additionally, you can set which email address should come in (notifications about completed surveys, activity changes, etc.). You can add several alternative email addresses. You can sign up to the 1KA website using an alternative email address and access all the surveys you have created with the first email address.