Have you got what it takes to a leadership position?

Quiz Have you got what it takes to a leadership position? is adapted based on a quiz in Slovenian publication Aktiv.

Comparing yourself with your colleagues, you are certainly more effective at work.

The most important factors when choosing a profession are financial profitability and open opportunities for career development.

When you complete workplace tasks, you often get angry that you have not completed them even more thoroughly.

It is not difficult for you to take quick decisions. For the most part, it also turns out that you took the right action.

You put the company interests above your own interests.

When there are problems within the company, you don't mind having colleagues call you outside of work.

Challenges do not pose a burden for you but take care of healthy workplace tension and dynamics.

Many innovations in the company have been introduced to your credit.

In addition to the work you do, you are also interested in other areas of the company and you know what projects your employees across different departments work on.

When problems occur, you keep your head sober and look for solutions.

It is not difficult for you to represent your own views and openly express your opinions to other colleagues and superiors.


Most answers A



Decision making and quick solution finding are not exactly your strengths. You are pleased when you peacefully commit to your tasks without having to take additional responsibilities. Every difficult task is shortening your sleep and it is difficult for you to make decisions that do not refer only to you, but also to other colleagues. You think you are not equal to the assigned tasks, which also affects your performance.


The leadership position will not make you happy, and even your colleagues will feel that you are only performing your function with resistance and without enthusiasm. You lack the confidence and persuasive performance to be accepted with respect and confidence in your competencies by your colleagues. Also, the success of a company that, under your leadership, will not be able to validate itself in a competitive competition is questionable.


Tip: Leave leadership to those who really want this responsibility and position. If you are offered a promotion to a leadership position, think twice before accepting the offer.

Most answers B

You are capable of making decisions but occasionally prefer to avoid them or leave them to others. You separate business and private life and are reluctant to worry about work problems outside of working hours. You like to shift responsibilities to your co-workers and you are most fortunate to be able to devote yourself to the tasks that you are really good at. Although you are competent in your field and your colleagues appreciate and respect you, they would like to see some more concrete initiatives from you.


Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the collective is sometimes to blame for the reduced efficiency, as you rarely express criticism or dissatisfaction with an individual colleague or team aloud. Being popular is too important to you, and authority establishing is not always your strongest point.

Tip: If you show more strictness and ambition, you will not lose the affection of your colleagues, but the collective will follow you and strive for greater work performance even more.


Most answers C



You are aware of your own abilities and capabilities, and you also exert competence and confidence externally. You have repeatedly taken care of the renewal and fresh wind in the collective with creative ideas and suggestions. You accept responsibility without problems and represent the interests of the company enthusiastically. At the expense of your career, you are ready to neglect even your private life and colleagues can call you on weekends or during holidays if the problems occur in the company. You manage to motivate and impress your colleagues around you and gain their trust undoubtedly.


Tip: Despite the belief in your own leadership competencies, do not become ruthless or arrogant. This is the only way you will be offered a great opportunity for a promotion sooner or later.

You answered all the questions in this survey. Thank you for your participation.


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