Request for advanced use of publishing options

Consent to collect personal data in the survey

Survey is collecting personal data (GDPR):

  • Name
  • Email
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Web identifier

As we will collect above listed personal information along with your answers, we kindly ask you to agree to the collection of your personal information before completing the survey. The conciliation of survey and personal data is voluntary and a condition for participation in the survey. If you do not provide the information, you cannot continue to complete the survey. Details about collecting, storing and processing your information in this survey can be found here. Privacy policy and general terms are available on this link.

Please indicate whether you agree with collecting your personal information:


By filling this form, you send a
request for granting advanced options of publishing: mass sending of messages/invitations to your survey, sending notification of completed surveys and creating nice URL (eg

Privacy is extremely important nowadays and due to the past abuses of personal informations, we want to prevent any transmission of spam messages.

In principle, invitations to the survey can only be sent to addressees who had previously agreed to participate in your survey or it is shown from the context of the survey that there is a certain internal evaluation of users whose e-mail addresses were collected in a related administrative proceeding.

For the approval of your request, please provide us with some additional information. The service of advanced sending invitations via 1KA system is payable:

  • For setting of nice URL: € 20 / survey + VAT
  • For the use of the system for invitations: € 20 / survey + VAT
  • For the use of notifications of completed surveys: € 20 / survey + VAT


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