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Consent to collect personal data in the survey

Survey is collecting personal data (GDPR):

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  • Email
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  • Web identifier

As we will collect above listed personal information along with your answers, we kindly ask you to agree to the collection of your personal information before completing the survey. Details about collecting, storing and processing your information in this survey can be found here. Privacy policy and general terms are available on this link.

Please indicate whether you agree with collecting your personal information:

Dear user,

1KA Help desk provides (1) technical assistance, (2) methodological counselling, and you can also arrange to (3) set up your own domain or installation. Via form you can also report any technical problems with the application.

1. 1KA Help desk is intended for: explanations in case of unexpected issues, directing user to the existing help, short responses in case of uncertainty, reporting on possible issues, announcement of larger surveys, suggestions for improvements, extensions and collaborations. Where does free help end?​

2. Methodological counseling is intended for: assistance in developing a questionnaire and statistical analysis, implementation or assistance with the report writing and planning research projects, additional assistance with usage of 1KA. Methodological counseling  is not a part of the 1KA web surveys services and is therefore payable. Pricelist for methodological counselling

3. Setting up 1KA adjustment, where you can choose between: virtual domain on 1KA server, own installation on 1KA server or installation on your own server. In some cases,  1KA adjustments can result in additional costs. Pricelist for technical services

4. Report an error in the 1KA application (failure of the site or survey).

By clicking on the 'Next page' button you can ask a question, report an issue, submit demand for methodological counseling or one of your own 1KA installations.

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