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Helpdesk for 1KA users offers (1) technical assistance, (2) methodological counselling and an option to agree on establishment of (3) own domain or installation. Through the form you can also submit any technical problems with the application.
1. 1KA helpdesk is intended for: clarifications in case of unforeseen difficulties, directing a user to an existing help, quick answers in case of doubt, reporting potential problems, announcement of a larger survey, suggestions for improvements, extensions and cooperation.

2. Methodological counselling is aimed at: assistance in the preparation of the questionnaire, statistical analyses, creation or assistance with writing reports, assistance or execution of research plan, additional assistance in 1KA use. Service of methodological counseling do not fall within the 1KA service and are therefore payable. Pricelist for methodological counseling​

3. Establishment of customized 1KA, where you can choose between: virtual domain on the 1KA server, own installation on the 1KA server, installation of 1KA on your own server. In some ways 1KA customizations can result in additional costs. Pricelist for technical services

4. Reporting an error in 1KA application (malfunctions of website or surveys).

By clicking on 'Next Page' you can ask a question, report a problem, ask for methodological counselling or for one of the customizations of 1KA.


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