Emotional Stability Test

The Emotional Stability Test is adapted based on Emotional Reaction at PersonalityTest.net.


The following test checks your emotional stability. Please indicate if the following statements apply to you.

Every time I successfully complete a difficult task, I feel proud.
When I am learning something new, I believe in my abilities.
I often daydream and lose focus.
Trivial problems annoy me.
If anything humiliating happens to me, I will think about it for hours.
I spend a lot of time on normal tasks completing them without errors.
My sleep is light and peaceful.
In an unpredictable situation, I think of the worst.
If an acquaintance does not greet me, I feel neglected.
Sometimes I feel happy or sad for no reason.

Sometimes I meet people who I believe are hostile to me.
I am often concerned about things that have already happened.
I often regret my decisions.
I worry too much about my own health.
I feel relaxed in unfamiliar situations.
I sweat a lot without doing physical activity.
I know how to cope with major life challenges.
I tolerate the bad mood of others.
I am easily offended.
I quickly overcome the barriers of life.


  • Focused: 0 to 2 points
  • Calm: 3 to 8 points
  • Average: 9 to 11 points
  • Sensitive: 12 to 17 points
  • Irritable: 18 to 20 points


You have reached points.


The emotional swings are not typical for you.

You have reached​ points.


You are more likely to feel stress and need more relaxation.

You answered all the questions in this survey. Thank you for your participation.


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