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The education is intended for employees in the private and public sector, who are faced with the collection and processing of data in their work. There are descriptions of all courses below. By agreement, the content of each course can be expanded with additional content. You can order education through the form below. Once you order your request, we will contact you at your e-mail address to agree on the details of the implementation of the chosen education.

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Education descriptions

Efficient use of online 1ka survey tool

The 1ka tool offers a lot of options for making questionnaires and data collection, but some methodological and technical knowledge is needed to exploit the full potential of the tool. At the interactive workshop, the participant will be acquainted with the use of all the 1ka functions required for the preparation and implementation of the online survey, from the design of the questionnaire, settings and testing to the publication, collection and analysis of the data. The entire content will be linked to the effective use of the online 1ka survey tool. Participation is recommended to all who work with data collection in their work and would like to get acquainted with the 1ka tool and recommendations for a better quality of the online survey. By arrangement, the workshop can be expanded with additional content (e.g. sending email invitations)

  • Target groups: people who work with data collection in their work;
  • Content:
  • Creating a questionnaire: asking questions, using conditions;
  • Questionnaire settings: duration, language, notification;
  • Questionnaire testing: automatic test entries;
  • Publication: posting a questionnaire via social networks;
  • Data collection: data review and export;
  • Analysing: basic statistics, graphic results display.
  • Location: Faculty of Social Sciences or by appointment.
Visualization of data

Graphs, tables and other forms of visualization can be a very convenient way to display numeric data. The workshop presents the key principles for the effective visualization of quantitative data, derived from a wide range of professional literature. The principles are illustrated in a number of cases; special attention is paid to the disadvantages that often occur in practice. The workshop is not linked to a specific software environment or a profession – it is intended for anyone who encounters his work with the visualization of quantitative data and would like to better understand and improve it. By arrangement, it can be expanded with additional content (for example, creating graphs in Excel).

  • Target groups: persons who often represent the results of analyses of quantitative data to their colleagues, supervisors or public;
  • Content:
  • Basic terminology of visualization of quantitative data;
  • Semantic dimension: visualizing data in a correct, comprehensive, unambiguous and concise manner;
  • The syntactic dimension: established conventions and meaningful inclusion of additional tags, explanations, etc.;
  • Pragmatical dimension: visualizing data in a way that the recipients have the best possible understanding with the least possible effort;
  • Consolidation of the presented principles of effective visualization of data in practical cases.
  • Location: Faculty of Social Sciences or by appointment.
Preparation of quality online surveys

The execution of online surveys is technically simple, but the quality of the data depends on a large extent on the proper preparation of the entire survey research. These workshop highlights the key principles of the online survey methodology, along with the practical presentations. It focuses on all steps in the preparation and implementation of online surveys, with an emphasis on factors that can positively or negatively affect the quality of data. Special attention is paid to the proper preparation of online questionnaires and approaches to encourage participation in surveys. The workshop thus offers basic methodological knowledge for the independent preparation of quality online surveys. By agreement, the content can be adapted to the knowledge and needs of the participants.

  • Target groups: the workshop is intended for anyone who wants to collect data using online surveys, while ensuring high quality data;
  • Content:
  • Deciding on the adequacy of using the online survey;
  • Differences between probability and non-probability samples;
  • The basic principles of the wording of questionnaire questions for online surveys;
  • Preparation of online questionnaire: selection of appropriate questions types, automatic verification of the adequacy of the answers;
  • Inviting respondents to participate;
  • Preparation of data for analysis.
  • Location: Faculty of Social Sciences or by appointment.


The workshops are conducted for small groups (up to 15 participants) or by agreement.

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