'Chat' is an advanced module that provides online communication between the interviewer and the respondent in the survey. This functionality is activated in the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' tab in the 'Advanced Modules' menu.

To use chat functionality, you need to create a free user account at Tawk (https://www.tawk.to/). When logging in to Tawk, you first need to enter the name of the site: '1KA' and the URL 'www.1ka.si', then the JavaScript code is generated (Widget Code), which is copied to the box under the 1KA chat settings.

Settings in 1KA

In the chat settings within 1KA, the chat window can also be defined as follows:

  • Always at the bottom: the chat window will open right to the bottom of the survey throughout the survey;
  • Activation within the text of the question: In this case, the question 'Chat' appears in the set of question types, which is inserted into any place within the questionnaire. Once the respondent comes to this question, he will be able to click on the button and open the chat that will appear below to the right;
  • Activation always at the top: When completing the survey, the chat-enabled option will be shown at the top right, and the window will be open to the bottom right.

Tawk settings

On Tawk, you can set the content language in the chat window, the content of the text inside the window can also be adjusted according to the status of the interviewer (online, offline…). The colour itself and the size of the chat window can be adjusted, and also the choice between the various icons and buttons. Let's emphasize that the administrator interface itself is not available in the Slovene language.

Start a chat

For a direct conversation between the respondent and the interviewer, the latter must be registered on the Tawk website. In case that he is not registered, the respondent will be notified of the absence and the possibility of entering his email address and message. The respondent can also attach a file to the conversation, change the size and layout of the chat window and mute the sound when new messages are received.

The Tawk website records all conversations and para data from which the basic conversation analytics is generated.


1KA is free to use for basic users