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The voting type of question is a question with multiple answers, where the respondent can select a single answer. Usually, voting is embedded into a website, and when the respondent answers the question, a graphic representation of the answers is displayed. Since there is only one question in voting, there is no testing and test entries. Also, data can not be edited or deleted.

1. Voting creation

Voting can be created by clicking on the 'Create survey' option and selecting the 'Voting' survey type.

2. Editing the voting survey

According to the default settings, there is no address, the conclusion is hidden, and a question with a single possible answer has been set. We enter the desired text into the question and the possible answers. You can also set additional voting settings in the window on the left.

3. Voting settings

  • You can choose if it will be an independent survey, which the respondents can access via an URL link, or if it will be included on a website.
  • You can also select the option of the respondents selecting their gender;
  • Within the 'Show intro / outro' section, you can set if the respondents see the intro and the exit pages;
  • A graphic representation of the answers can be configured in the 'Display statistic' section. The statistics can be shown to all or to administrators only.

Additional settings are displayed by clicking on the 'More' option:

  • Cookie, where we can choose not to set cookies or set them for one hour;
  • Dates, where you can set the 'Date of survey start' and the 'Date of survey expiration';
  • Design, where you can select the voting theme. Select the 'Embed' option if you wish to embed the voting survey into a website.
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