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Use of identification codes for respondents

Using the 1KA email invitation system allows you to track the respondents.

The system recognizes the status of each respondent according to the individual code, which you need to include in the 'PUBLISH' – 'Invitations' tab.

Enter individual code

In email invitation settings you can choose between automatic and manual entry of individual code:

  • Automatic entry: by choosing 'Automatic to UR', the individual code is embedded in the survey URL, but the email must be sent via the SMTP 1KA system and the message must include the variable # URL #.
  • Manual entry: if you select this, the respondent will have to enter the password himself, which is used primarily for letter invitations. In this case, the respondent must also receive his individual code.

Assign individual code

The 1KA system enables automatic generation of individual code. When author of the survey adds respondent’s email, the system generates an individual code or password for each respondent.

However, the individual code can be defined by the user or the author of the survey and entered by the email address when adding the respondent. More >>

Activate individual code

The last step in tracking respondents is to activate individual codes:

  • When sending email invitations via STMP 1KA, codes are activated in the last step with the sent email.
  • In case of using another system for sending email invitations or sending written invitations, the codes can also be activated manually, in the 'View' step by clicking 'Activate recipients and their passwords without sending emails'.

By activating the recipients and their passwords, a new line is created in the database, in which the responses of each respondent are stored.