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Usage of ‘Location’ Question Type

In the selection of all question types that is opened when creating a questionnaire in the column on the left, question type 'location' is available. This question type is only available to 2KA and 3KA private package users.

Location is a special type of question that has three ways of inserting location: 'My location', 'Multilocation', and 'Choose location'.

My location

My location enables the recognition of the current location of the respondent. Focus on the map is pre-set to Slovenia, but it can be changed by using the button ´Set focus´. When this button is used, the map becomes clickable in focus can be set anywhere. Query about the current location and search box are also pre-set. Furthermore, users can enable the showing of subquestion that is shown on the map as a cloud with an input field.

Example of 'my location' question type >>


Multilocation allows respondents to mark several places shown on the map. This kind of question is especially useful when the respondent is asked about more than one location eg. which places the respondent has visited in the last year. Focus on the map is pre-set to Slovenia. Query about current location and show of search windows are also pre-set. The highest number of possible answers is pre-set to three (3), but this can be changed using a drop-down list. Showing a subquestion in the shape of a cloud with input field can be enabled.

Example of 'multilocation' question type >>

With both options of location input, two columns are created in the data overview: “Address” and “Coordinates”. Column “Value” is only shown if the subquestion is enabled. Entered addresses and coordinates are in the form of a link to pop up windows with the map and markers of each respondent. Results in analyses are shown in a similar way with a difference that the icon “Google Maps” is added in the far-left cell that works as a link to pop up window with a map of all answers/markers for each variable.

Choose a location

The 'Choose location' option offers the respondent pre-tagged values or points on the map, where he can enter his answer. To get this option, you can select the 'Location, GPS' question and select 'Choose location' under the option 'Subtype'. This type of question is useful when the survey editor wants to illustrate a specific path and/or more locations on the map. The question allows the survey editor to add values or markers with clicks on the map, and tools in the toolbar enable him to draw on the map. You can draw the path by clicking on the 'Pencil' button and then click on the map where you want the path to take place. With more clicks, you can make turns and accurately mark the path. When you press the 'Pencil' button again, you finish drawing the path. A field appears to enter the path’s name and the 'Trash' button if you would like to delete the marked path. The legend explains that the 'Pencil' button means the ending of the drawing, the 'Marker' button adds the marker, and the 'Line' button adds a line. As mentioned above, a marker and a line can also be added to the address that serves as information or a label. It is worth pointing out that the line is not a value, but only additional information to the respondent (e.g., illustrating several possible paths). As with the Multi-location sub-tag-marker entry, an additional question can be added in the settings in the field. The results are drawn in the form of coordinates in the data table.

Example of 'Choose a location' question type >>

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