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Survey Preview

When editing a survey in the 'EDIT' - 'Questionnaire' you have the option to preview the survey before the survey is activated. You can check the orderliness of questions, the correctness of conditions and warnings, etc. In the preview mode, data is not saved.

You can access the preview from the upper row (left of the URL address of the survey) by clicking on the icon in the form of a screen. To preview in the basic view on the PC, select 'Preview PC'.

If respondents will answer your survey also from mobile devices, you can also see the preview for smartphones and tablets.

Whatever the selected device for preview, you can switch between devices within the preview page by selecting the desired device from the menu on the right.

There are also advanced settings available in the preview mode:

  • disable verification of conditions;
  • disable verification of alerts;
  • display conditions above the question;
  • display variable names.

In case of a longer survey where you have a large number of pages, you can use the option 'Jump to page' where you can select the page you want to see in the preview.

Example of a survey in a preview mode >>

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