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Survey Duration Based on Date or the Number of Responses

In the 'EDIT' – 'Settings' – 'Activity/quotas' tab, you have the option of setting the duration of the survey, i.e. how long the survey is active and open to the respondents.

Survey duration

Select the start of the survey activity in the first calendar and the end of the survey activity in the second. You can also select the 'Permanent survey' option, which is recommended for presentations that are embedded into web pages. In case the survey is permanent, the survey will stay active for answering until you manually deactivate it.

Limit number of responses (quotas)

You can also limit the number of responses (set a quota) and enter the maximum number of responses. Quotas can be set for all answers (where also status 3 (click on the introduction) and 4 (entered the first page) is considered) or only for valid units (status 5 (partially completed) and 6 (completed survey)). You can see the explanations of different statuses in the manual Status of units, relevance, validity and missing values.

When enough respondents complete the survey, the survey will be deactivated, respondents will no longer have access to the survey, and a preset message will display: "Survey reached a maximum response count." With a click on 'Edit' beside the message, the 'EDIT' - 'Settings' - 'Standard words' tab will open, where you can edit the message (it is located at the bottom of the standard words list). For instance, if your survey serves as a registration form for a workshop, where you will take a maximum of 40 participants, you can set the message which will appear when the limit is achieved, e.g.: "Workshop registration is closed" Or "All tendered places for the workshop are occupied."

Regardless of survey duration and quota settings, you have unlimited access to the data and analysis. More >>

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