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Step by step mode with table question type

In the tab 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' step by step mode can be selected with question type 'Table – single answer'. That means that each question in the table will be shown by itself to the respondent. Respondent will automatically move to the next question by clicking on the answer. Respondent can also move between questions by clicking the down arrow, right arrow or number (it depends on the decision about the type of gradual solving).

Option is enabled by choosing option 'step by step mode' in the tab 'advanced' when editing questionnaire. One parallel and three vertical types of gradual solving are available.

This option is especially recommended in the case of filling survey using mobile phone. In the case of letting gradual solving disabled, questions on mobile phones will automatically be adapted to shape 'parallel_3'. Categories will be shown gradually to the respondent and be marked in the shape of parallel pagination on the bottom.

Some examples of all types of step by step filling are shown on the following link:

Example of a survey with different shapes of step by step filling >>