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Standard Demographics

When you add questions in the 'EDIT' – 'Questionnaire' tab, you have the option of using standard demographics, which have several advantages:

  • You avoid wrong answers and mistakes, which hinder the analysis (e.g. age 800);
  • You avoid awkwardly formulated questions on the region, income, and education of the respondents and instead use professional and proven forms of questions and possible answers;
  • 1KA automatically generates segments for standard demographics, which allows easy implementation of advanced analyzes (eg. analysis for men, women, younger men, etc.). Advanced analysis is only available to 2KA and 3KA private package users;
  • The list of demographic variables is based on some of the largest surveys - official surveys (the Statistical Office), academic surveys (Public Opinion and Mass Communications Research Centre, European Social Survey), as well as marketing surveys. You can also conduct comparisons based on these classifications;
  • 1KA allows for the automatic aggregation of standard demographics. For example, if age is collected with the year of birth, the age of the respondents will be available in five-year and ten-year categories without additional computations in the analysis;
  • Standard demographics also allow standard weighting, which utilizes population ratios that help us correct results. For example, if there are too many men in the survey, weights can be applied to neutralize the imbalance;
  • Standard demographics can also be supplemented if needed.

You can add standard demographics into the questionnaire by using the left menu (move the mouse to the orange plus icon and select questions under the 'Demographics' category).

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